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Vietnam Dung K’No – Duc Trong Mill – Lam Dong – Green Unroasted

In Stock: 129.75 Lbs
Lam Dong
Catimor, Typica, Bourbon
1100 - 1400 masl
Sweet and tart with praline, malt, and cooked bell pepper flavors.
Medium/Dark (Full City Roast)

Taste: A full, coating mouthfeel with great supporting acidity and a brown sugar flavor.  We’ve been waiting for another high quality Arabica from Vietnam, and this is it!

Roast: We roasted this at all levels Medium (City Roast), Medium/Dark (Full City), and Dark (French Roast).  The lighter roast produced a tart pop that dissolved into a mellow finish.  The dark tasted very “roasty”, much like a Central American bean, but with more sweetness.  But our favorite roast was Full City. Starting with a lower charge temp and dragging out the development phase with a slight increase to fan speed brought out this bean’s natural sweetness.

About: Vietnam is a powerhouse in coffee production. It has been the second highest producing country for many years now second only to Brazil, with 97% of coffee exports being robusta. There is a pocket of arabica production, though, and an even smaller pocket of specialty coffee. Vietnam is Cafe Import’s most recent origin of interest, and we believe in its potential. Currently, most specialty coffee is produced around Dalat, the capital city of Lâm ??ng Province, located in south-central Vietnam in the Dung K’no region. Arabica producers in this area grow mostly Catimor, as well as some Bourbon and Typica. Specialty coffee is becoming a stronger force in the local Vietnamese market, driving prices higher and incentivizing small producers to cultivate quality arabica coffees. These developments always pique our interest. We believe no producing country should be ignored due to stigmas or robusta production statistics. Discovering something new is part of what drives this industry. We take joy in tasting what new lands and hands contribute to coffees. We will continue to cup through Vietnam in search of coffees that will excite coffee roasters and their customers.

Lam Dong is a mountainous province in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, and the only province not bordering Laos or Cambodia. The Central Highlands is comprised of a series of contiguous plateaus, with some of the highest peaks in northern Lam Dong. Lam Dong is 70% forested and experiences a tropical monsoon climate with steady year-round temperatures. On average, temperatures range from 60-73°F with little fluctuation but can be more extreme depending on the elevation. Rainfall per year is between 60-106 inches. The complex topography, mild weather, predictable rainy seasons, and varying vegetation contribute to an ecosystem that describes how coffee has been produced in such large quantities since the mid-1900s.

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