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Rudolph’s Red Nose Blend – Medium/Dark Roast

In Stock: 33 12 oz. bag
Sweet with citric acidity and a nutty finish
Our "in stock" inventory shows the amount of green beans available to roast. All roasted coffee purchases are fresh roasted to order.

Our special holiday blend! Warm up on a chilly winter morning or treat your guests at your next special gathering.


  1. Diane and Stan says:

    Our first purchase from the already roasted bean category, we’ve really enjoyed this blend to send 2020 packing. Great mouthfeel, delightful for your first cup in the morning, or with sweets after dinner. Yummy.

    • Martin Russo says:

      Diane and Stan,

      Thanks for sharing! Jane and Rudolf really nailed it with this blend of India and Costa Rican 100% Specialty grade Arabica – an unusual combination that worked. Rudy’s Red Nosed Blend is only available through January 2021, and then he goes out to pasture until next November.

      Gosh, it sure felt good to type “2021” for the first time!

      Take care guys!


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