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Panama Boquete SHB Floreal – Green Unroasted – Archived

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Catuai, Typica
1500 - 1700 masl
Rich, balanced cup with sweet winey acidity and a medium body. Notes of pears, plum and red fruits with a floral aftertaste.
Medium (City Roast) to Medium/Dark, (Full City Roast) but takes a dark roast well

About: CASA RUIZ, S.A., as a corporation, was started in 1979, the Ruiz-Araúz family being its founders and in turn shareholders and directors of the same.
This company was the result of the growth of a private and personal business carried out by Mr. Plinio A. Ruiz González and his wife the teacher Elisa Aurora Araúz de Ruiz, originally founded by these two directors in 1969.

Plinio A. Ruiz G. was born in 1922, being part of the third generation of coffee growers in Boquete. His mother grew up on a pioneering coffee plantation planted by his father, Don Felipe González, who began his first plantations in the years 1,888 or 1,889 in the zone known as Horqueta. Likewise, Mr. Plinio Ruiz spent his childhood taking the first experiences among coffee trees and a small and rudimentary benefit made of wood and powered by hydraulic power, whose processing capacity was about 400 pounds per day, in the Area known as Jaramillo Arriba in Boquete.
The coffee business, during those years (the Great Depression), was not a promising future for this family of ten children, and therefore the activity became a secondary means of income, and efforts were directed towards the cultivation of flowers.

Mr. Plinio Ruiz managed to attend the sixth grade of primary school and a few years later had the opportunity to enter a Bible seminar in Guatemala where, for economic reasons, he could only achieve a year of study. He returned to work on the estate of his parents and became involved in religious ministry, after a few years he dedicated himself to the trade of vegetables and fruits of the highlands to the rest of the republic.

After twenty years in that business, the coffee product appeared again in the scene becoming the focus of the activity, being taken from Boquete to particular roasters in other parts of the country.
Elisa Araúz de Ruíz is the eldest daughter of a family of eight children, born in the District of Dolega in 1935, as a child, teacher Elisa moved to the city of Boquete, to the home of some relatives, to continue their Primary studies, later it was able to enter the school Félix Olivares Contreras of the city of David where it obtained its title of Teacher of Primary Education.

He then married Mr. Plinio Ruiz in November 1957, and became a mother and housewife, responsible for the care of four children and at the same time in charge of some activities of the small coffee farm that was acquired from the parents Of Mr. Plinio.

She served as teacher in the community schools and in turn became an accountant of the small business that Mr. Plinio ran from his home.
By the end of 1960, there were excellent opportunities in the business of vegetables and other products, including coffee, and this allowed a stable situation and good economic opportunities for the family.
The tragic flood that occurred in Boquete in 1970 made the picture change radically. The whole family had to leave the farm because of poor communication conditions that resulted from the tragedy and unpredictability of a rapid economic recovery in the Boquete district.

After two years of hard work, the coffee business became the most important activity for Mr. Pliny. Working in conjunction with a toaster company, he entered the export of grain in 1972, an activity that has been very successful since then as a coffee from Casa Ruíz.

This resulted in the gradual expansion of this business and the creation of the company that today is CASA RUIZ, S.A., and that since it exported one or two containers a year, it continues to export the best quality of Boquete coffee.

This company became the hub of coffee activities, extending to larger-scale agricultural production, then to the CAFÉ RUIZ® roaster (1983), and the distribution of finished products.
Today, activities continue to expand with the participation of the fourth and fifth generation and a select group of more than one hundred collaborators, based on the principles established by Mr. Plinio Ruiz and his wife, Mrs. Elisa, and the commitment to the fulfilment of such principles.

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