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Women Power Blend- (women-owned blend) Fair Trade Organic – Medium/Dark Roast

In Stock: 24 12 oz. bag
Notes of chocolate, lemon and toffee: smooth, syrupy body.
South and Central America
Our "in stock" inventory shows the amount of green beans available to roast. All roasted coffee purchases are fresh roasted to order.


  1. Cheryl Gordon says:

    Mother really does know best! At least when it comes to coffee. I wasn’t sure how lemon would taste in with the toffee but is works beautifully! Thank you very much. Tell your daughter that the name is perfect! At least in your case because”Mother Knows Best”

  2. Martin Russo says:

    Hi Cheryl, and thanks for your comment! Glad you enjoyed this special limited time blend!

    Jane (The Mother)

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