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Espresso – Medium Blend – Green Unroasted

In Stock: 18 Lbs
Central and South America, and Indonesia
Mild and nutty, soft citric acidity, earthy loam.
City to Full City Roast

Taste: It’s tempting to just take the Dark Espresso blend, roast it to medium, and say “Viola, done”!  But we took the time to develop a unique blend that produced a fantastic tasting cup of Espresso at a Full City Roast.  We included the Brazil bean to attain a rich and frothy crema and full mouthfeel, and we combined that with a beautiful Central American bean to achieve tangy and bright acidity.  Finally, some Indonesian adds depth, earthy cocoa undertones,  and lingering aftertaste that gives this medium roast some heft.  All of the beans in this blend are 100% Specialty Grade Arabica – no cheap filler.

Roast: City to Full City Roast – a very straightforward roast.  Pull the beans at the very beginning of 2nd crack, let them rest for a day, put them through a nice fine espresso grind, and enjoy!



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