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Espresso – Light Blend – Green Unroasted

In Stock: 21.75 Lbs
Central and South America
Sweet and savory lemongrass, cocoa, and mild and bright citric acidity.
Light/Medium (City Roast)

Taste:  The challenge with a light espresso roast is to find a combination of 100% Specialty Grade Arabica beans that produce great coffee flavor without pucker-inducing tartness.  We think we have a winner here.  As with all good Espresso blends we started with a base of Brazil to add some crema and rich mouthfeel (even at a lighter roast). To this we added the bright and mild acidity of a Central American favorite, and found that combining a fine South American bean gave it a sweet and savory flavor without any residual sour notes.  The golden amber hues of this elegant espresso blend are beautiful to look at, and even better to taste.

Roast: City Roast.  For the lightest roast pull the bean about halfway through first crack.  Lowering the temp a bit after dry-end (when there is no green color in the beans) will increase the natural savory sweetness by extending the development phase without adding too much roast color or flavors.


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