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Guatemala Quetzal – El Boqueron – Santa Rosa – Natural – Green Unroasted – PRICE DROP

In Stock: 5.5 Lbs
Santa Rosa
El Boqueron Washing Station
Bourbon, Catimor, Caturra, Maragogype, Pache
1400 - 2200 masl
Sweet and savory with berry, cocoa, and clove flavors.
Medium/Dark (Full City Roast) to Dark (French Roast)

Roast: This natural bean roasts fast! Keep the heat lower to extend the development phase.

About: A large percentage of Guatemala’s population, and therefore also the coffee sector, identify with one of more than 20 officially recognized indigenous groups. Most farmers are smallholders who are either working independently of one another, loosely associated by proximity and cultural ties, or formally affiliated in cooperative associations.

In 1960, coffee growers developed their own union, which has since become the national coffee institute Anacafé (Asosiación Nacional del Café), which is a research center, marketing agent, and financial organization that provides loans and offers support to growers throughout the various regions.

Starting in 2012 and lasting for several years, an outbreak of coffee-leaf rust proved a tremendous obstacle to coffee production in the country, reducing yields by as much as 25%, and causing the government to declare a state of emergency. Farmers attempted a combination of chemical and organic treatments, intensely targeted pruning, reduction of shade plants, and replacing susceptible varieties like Bourbon, Caturra, and Catuai with more leaf-rust-resistant ones. Anacafé has been working closely with World Coffee Research on variety trials and research that will hopefully result in future protection and prevention of similar outbreaks, as well as provide more productive harvests for the smallholder farmers.

High-grown, hard-bean coffees from Guatemala are a staple offering for us as they are for many coffee roasters: The crisp acidity, full body, and toffee sweetness found in these coffees make them valuable as approachable and affordable single-origin brews, or as backbone blend components that layer nicely with more complex or fruitier complements.

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