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Fresh Roast SR540 Coffee Bean Roaster plus 5Lbs FREE Green Coffee Beans and Coffee Journal – A $50 Value and Aways FREE Shipping

In Stock: 2 each
4-5 ounces
Very Easy
9 variable settings
9 variable settings
10-15 minutes
Good ventilation recommended


Receive 5 FREE pounds of  green coffee beans AND a coffee journal with the Fresh Roast SR540 Coffee Bean Roaster purchase. Costa Rica, Brazil Serra Negra, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania Peaberry and Sumatra.


The Fresh Roast SR540 has the same capacity and features as the SR500. The SR540 is the newest addition to the SR family of coffee roasters.  Roast capacity is 4 scoops, 120 grams.  It has an improved control board.  All adjustments are made with pushing the knob and turning to adjust the heat, fan, and time.  It also features a real-time temperature read out.  A quick turn of the knob to the right will display current temperature.  There are now 9 levels of heat adjustment compared to having a Low, Medium, and High adjustment.  The fan also has a wider range of adjustment.

The chaff basket and top lid from earlier SR roasters will not fit on the new SR540.  The roasting chamber is a much larger diameter.  A fan speed control has been added to the SR540 that allows the finest tuning of the roast. The Fan Speed Control allows adjustments of +or- 10% during the roast. At the start of the roast, when the beans are heaviest, the speed can be increased to keep the beans fluid for a more even roast. As the beans become lighter the fan speed can be reduced to keep the beans from chipping. This is a simple to operate unit and is a great value for the money.

It is highly recommended that when roasting multiple batches of beans to let the roaster cool for 20-30 minutes in between roasts. The Fresh Roast SR540 Coffee Bean Roaster will give you unlimited possibilities for formulating your own blends from our extensive selection of the finest quality green beans. And your Fresh Roast SR540 Coffee Bean Roaster will roast coffee for any type of coffee maker, including espresso machines. This machine carries a manufacturer’s one-year limited warranty. For on-line manual, replacement parts and returns, see U-Roast-Em does not accept returns for defective roasters.


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