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El Salvador – Santa Emilia Estate – RFA – “Cup of Excellence” – Green – Archived

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El Salvador
Cerro El Tigre, Santiago de Maria
Santa Emilia Estate/Hans Homberger
Heirloom Bourbon and Tequisic Bourbon
1025 -1320 masl
Sweet floral aroma with hints of lemon.
Sweet, milk chocolate, citrus, candied orange zest, with medium body.
Medium/Dark (Full City) and Dark (French Roast)

Taste: A very smooth coffee with a medium mouthfeel. The aroma of melted chocolate wafts from the French press as we pour water over the grounds.  Jane thinks it compliments morning sweets (especially her sister’s pecan pie bars).

Roast: Bring out the chocolate notes with a Medium/Dark (Full City) Roast or take it all the way to a Dark (French Roast) for a little more nuttiness.

About: Santa Emilia Estate has been in the Homberger family for 3 generations and has been Rainforest Alliance certified since 2006. The total size of this farm is 35 hectares in coffee production. Santa Emilia is practicing sustainable farming methods and does not use herbicides on the farm, rather using “Noble Herbs” for soil amendments and to keep weeds at bay. The farm also is promoting social responsibility by paying workers higher salaries and not having to handle toxic herbicides.

Special “Cup of Excellence” preparation: This coffee is from the peak 3 days of harvest. Only the ripest fruit was picked and this is the best production from the farm. The color of fruit is almost purple and called “Sangre de Toro”. The coffee is 100% Bourbon; the 2 varieties on the farm are Heirloom Bourbon (was planted over 80 years ago) and Tequisic Bourbon (El Salvador variety) which lends to the unique flavor of this coffee.

*RFA – Rain Forest Alliance Certified


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    So how do you recommend we roast them? Thanks!

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