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Espresso – Dark Blend – Green Unroasted

In Stock: 23 Lbs
Costa Rica, Brazil, Kenya
Dark, rich and nutty, with hints of cocoa, citrus, red wine, and natural sweetness.
Dark (French Roast)

Taste: Dark, rich, complex and NEVER bitter.  Costa Rica is smooth as silk, while the Kenya adds a winey rich taste with deep flavors of cocoa.  But what makes this espresso blend really stand out is the frothy mahogany crema floating at the top of the cup after your espresso pull (we accomplished this without the addition of less expensive and lower grade Robusta beans).  We are particularly proud of this 100% pure Specialty Grade Arabica dark espresso blend.

Roast: French to just this side of Italian.  We think the roast is best stopped just as second crack is winding down to keep the taste roasty, but not charred.




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