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Costa Rica – Finca El Lilo – Gesha – RFA – Green Unroasted

In Stock: 44 Lbs
Costa Rica
Los Santos
La Minita, Finca El Lilo, La Pena
1710 - 1770 masl
Delicate with stone fruit, red cherry, hibiscus flower, cacao nib, and brown sugar flavors with crisp acidity and a sweet finish
Medium (City Roast)

About: From the onset of the initial rains, they enter into the seven month rainy season. During the rainy season, there will typically be four to six hours of rainfall every day. These rains nurture the trees and encourage the growth and development of the green coffee cherries. The rains also have the potential to create huge problems of road and soil erosion. All of the coffee is planted on terraces interspersed with complex water drainage channels. Thousands of man hours are required during the rainy season to control erosion and maintain the road system of the farm.

The rains also encourage the growth of weeds among the coffee trees. They do not use herbicides to control the weeds at La Minita, but instead hire contract labor who use machetes to clear the weeds by hand. Thety do not believe in introducing unnecessary chemical influences to the farm, it is our home and the well being of its plants, animals and people is important. Each year, every acre of the farm is weeded three times.

*RFA – Rain Forest Alliance Certified

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