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Costa Rica Finca Verafe – Coopelibertad – Natural – Green Unroasted – LIMITED QUANTITY

In Stock: 2 Lbs
Costa Rica
Central Valley
Finca Verafe
Catuai, Caturra
1200 - 1900 masl
Praline, cocoa, and mild berry flavors; balanced and citric with sugary sweetness and mouthfeel
Medium (City Roast) to Medium/Dark (Full City Roast)

About: Finca Verafe contributes cherry to Coopelibertad, a cooperative that provides support, processing, and marketing to small producers throughout the Central Valley. Coffee from Finca Verafe is delivered in cherry to collection point, and is then processed naturally drying for 25 days on patios.

Leading into the 1960’s, there was a growing problem for Costa Rica. Large, profit-focused coffee businesses we’re dominating the coffee market in Costa Rica. Small producers were losing out on technical assistance and financing or faced with crushing interest for what financing could be obtained. Ultimately, these small producers couldn’t compete, and we’re losing their lands. The National Bank of Costa Rica noticed the problem and instituted the Department of Cooperatives to help small producers. In April of 1961, a group of over 200 coffee growers and bankers in the Central Valley came together to form a cooperative and appoint directors who would name the company Coopelibertad, signifying the new independence small producers had gained. Today, Coopelibertad is the largest cooperative in the Central Valley, collecting coffee from 2500 hectares of its lands, and another 500 independent producers. They provide education and welfare resources, farming assistance, and have many cherry collection points throughout the region.

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