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Costa Rica – Diego Abarca – Alto San Juan Micromill – Archived

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Costa Rica
San Cayetano, Tarrazu00fa
Diegi Abarca - Alto San Juan Micromill
1600 masl
Almond, Chocolate and toffee flavors; balanced, simple, sweet and clean.
Medium (City Roast) to (Medium/Dark (Full City Roast)

Taste: We are continually searching for small producer Costa Rican beans that have similar flavor profiles to our Cafe Vida blend, and a similar price point.  Diego Abarca produced this offering that checks both boxes.  We know you’ll enjoy the smooth mouthfeel and toffee, chocolate, and berry flavors while supporting an innovative micro-farmer.

Roast: We love this cup most when we pull the beans just at 2nd crack, but its versatility allows you to experiment at all roast levels.  Lowering the heat to 390-400 and increasing fan speed during the development phase add natural sweetness to the cup.

About: Alto San Juan Micromill is owned by an intrepid young producer named Diego Abarca, who took a plot of land from his family’s farm, given to him by his father, and transformed it into a successful business as a coffee producer in his own right. His yields have grown every year, and it has allowed him to attempt more experimentation in addition to having tighter quality control: While he primarily focuses on Washed coffees in order to streamline his processing, Diego has recently begun experimenting with Honey and Natural processes as well.

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