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Breakfast Blend – Green Unroasted

In Stock: 42 Lbs
Central and South America and Africa
Perfectly balanced with nuttiness, citrus, and spice. Medium acidity and brightness
Medium (City Roast)

Taste: You know how you sometimes wake up apprehensive about what the day will bring?  Isn’t it nice to know one thing will always be perfect – day in and day out? Our curated Breakfast Blend made from 100% Specialty Grade Arabica beans combines the nuttiness of South American coffee with the velvety smooth mouthfeel and citrus notes of Central American beans. A dash of bright African adds complexity to this delicately balanced blend. A perfect cup of coffee everyday.

Roast:  We recommend Medium (just after 1st crack) for this blend.  But it takes all roast levels well, so if you like to start your day light and peppy or dark and mellow, this blend has you covered.




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