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  1. Shelley Hinatsu says:

    Many years ago and I mean many, I ordered some amaretto flavoring for my coffee beans from you. I also have used that flavoring in other dishes cookies, drinks, etc.-I was then asked if it was safe to consume in other foods. I assumed it was because people consume coffee but I have been pressured to ask. I still use it and love it-a little goes a long way. Shelley

    • U-Roast-Em Admin says:


      You are correct, they are all food grade, but since they aren’t meant to be used in cooking, personally I would not. The small amount you use on a pound of coffee beans plus the time it takes to drink that whole pound of coffee would make me think twice about the actual amount of flavoring you are consuming.

      This article is from the company we purchase some of the flavors from.

      Hope that answers your question! Thanks for your business!

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