How To – Violet Latte

June How To – Violet Latte  Use our Fathers Knows Best Blend or your favorite Espresso coffee to make this delightful summertime drink.  Quick, easy, and sure to impress! Violet Latte How To Video Recipe: Violet Latte In a heat-proof container (mason jars are perfect) combine: 1 Tablespoon Violet Simple Syrup (recipe below) 1/2 cup […]

Top 5 Blending Tips For Home Roasting

Top 5 Blending Tips For Home Roasting We are continually amazed at the creativity and innovation our customers share with us about their roasting processes and “hacks”.  We are often asked how we assemble our curated blends and if you can do this at home.  Short answer – YES!! But where to begin?  Here are […]

Home Roasting 101

We created this quick reference guide to get you up and running as a home roaster. Have Fun! Check out our starter kits for other affordable options HOME ROASTING INSTRUCTIONS Oven • Pre-heat your oven to 500 degrees F. • Spread beans evenly in one layer on an old rimmed cookie sheet. Place on […]