Why You’ll Feel Good About Buying Women Owned Coffee

Why You’ll Feel Good About Buying Women Owned CoffeeApril 2, 2020

Solon Springs, Douglas
Why You’ll Feel Good About Buying Women Owned Coffee, Solon Springs, Wisconsin

Choosing coffee is about more than flavor. By purchasing green beans or roasts from women owned coffee producers, you’re supporting gender equality and women’s empowerment around the world. It’s a decision that’ll give you satisfaction with every sip.

The Impact of Women Entrepreneurs on Coffee Production

The Role of Women

Approximately 5 million of the estimated 25 million coffee producers in the world are female. They account for up to 70 percent of the workforce. Women are found in the coffee sector as self-employed farm operators, agricultural workers, and providers of both paid and unpaid labor on family farms. Also, women operate up to 30% of coffee farms.

Why It’s Important

In some cultures, women can’t open bank accounts, get passports, work outside the home, or inherit property. Although restrictive laws and customs around the world keep women from achieving financial independence and exercising the agency to choose their path, by purchasing coffee from women-owned farms you can create opportunities that support female farmers and their communities.  Women’s involvement in the coffee sector improves the lives of women and their families.

Much remains to be done, however. Although most women involved in coffee production are not owners but laborers, your coffee-buying decisions can help close the gender gap. Supporting female-owned coffee empowers women and the objectives of women entrepreneurs to provide safe places for women and their families to live and work.

U-Roast-Em proudly supports women coffee producers not just by offering their beans, but also by financially supporting the non-profits that strengthen their farms and communities through improvements like co-ops, equipment, schools, and healthcare.

To find out more about the women farmers we support:


U-Roast-Em in Solon Springs, WI, with more than 30 years of roasting experience, supports women owned coffee producers. They acquire beans from growers around the world, including from female entrepreneurs in Brazil, Mexico, Sumatra, Honduras, and Columbia. They also supply dozens of fair trade roasts at competitive prices. Beans are available for shipping nationwide in bags that range in size from one to 25 pounds. Enjoy free shipping on orders over $50 and a 5% discount on orders over $200. Shop online, or call (715) 378-2448 with questions.



    Hi Marty and Jane, my family and I love your coffee. We roast mostly on the weekends which is where we have time.
    Recently I thought that I should try green coffee beans on amazon. What a mistake, my daughter got a headache, I didn’t feel well either. Do you have any input on this? because I don’t know a lot about green coffee beans. Thank you, Chris Oliver.

  2. Martin Russo says:

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for posting. We only sell 100% Specialty grade Arabica beans. I have seen some Amazon sellers use phrases like “Specially selected” or “100% Arabica” which may not be the Specialty grade Arabica (the top 5-10% by quality). We also try to order fresh crop and keep our prices competitive so we move a lot of beans through our shop. With the pandemic importers and suppliers may have been stuck with huge contracts and no buyers, and the beans might have sat around for awhile.

    Hope this helps!


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