U-Roast-Em April Newsletter – New Organic and Cafe Femenino Beans!

U-Roast-Em April Newsletter – New Organic and Cafe Femenino Beans!  April 1, 2020

Solon Springs, Douglas
U-Roast-Em April Newsletter - New Organic and Cafe Femenino Beans!, Solon Springs, Wisconsin
In this Newsletter:

  • New arrivals: Organic and women owned Cafe Femenino beans
  • April Specials: Nicaragua micro-lot, Starter Kit, Fresh Roasted Beans

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New Arrivals – Organic and Women Owned Cafe Femenino!


Guatemala – Fair Trade OrganicAs low as $6.59/lb

Taste: Nearly perfect balance of body, aroma, acidity and cup. Complex and deep in flavor and aromas. This is a fun coffee to cup as it really makes you think! An assortment of fruity and sweet aftertastes with the aroma of chocolate, caramel, vanilla, tamarind, almond and molasses. Well rounded like other Guatemalan coffees.

Roast: A harder bean, roasting to Medium Dark (Full City) is ideal we think.  But it roasts well into 2nd crack.

About: We are passionate about great tasting coffee that has been grown, harvested, milled, shipped, roasted, and consumed in the healthiest conditions possible. By purchasing Certified Organic coffee, we know rigorous production and processing standards…MORE


Nicaragua San Juan Rio de Coco – Fair Trade OrganicAs low as $6.19/lb

Taste: Full-bodied and rich, this FTO Nicaragua has natural sweetness and unobtrusive acidity that makes it work well as a base for a darker roasted espresso blend.  Consider pairing this with FTO Mexican Chiapas for a complex and interesting cup of espresso.

Roast: Medium/Dark (Full City Roast) and Dark (French Roast) work well for this bean.

About:  While many Central American countries were discovered as specialty coffee producers during the 1980’s, Nicaragua was still relatively unknown. Political and economic difficulties the country faced during this period created a high degree of instability and corruption which affected the coffee industry. In the 1990’s new incentives arose for capital to flow into the coffee industry. New programs were created…MORE

Papua New Guinea – Fair Trade OrganicAs low as $7.69/lb

Taste: We’ve been so impressed with all of the PNG’s we’ve cupped from this year’s harvest.  This is a classic Papua New Guinea, exhibiting a velvety mouthfeel with chocolate and nuts dominating, and some citrus notes in the background.  A great blending base that compliments any central American bean, especially a Guatemala.


Roast: Accepts all roast levels well.  We prefer Medium/Dark (Full City) stopping the roast about halfway through 2nd crack.

About: Coffee Connections Limited commenced in 2001 when a need to establish a dedicated and professional organisation to handle certified organic and Fairtrade coffee from Papua New Guinea was identified.  Operating in the Purosa region of the Okapa District  Eastern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea, this dedicated approach has brought benefits to the grower community through…MORE

Sumatra “Cafe Femenino” – Kokowagayo Women’s Cooperative – Fair Trade OrganicAs low as $8.19/lb

Taste: Incredible is the only word to describe this lushly flavored offering from the Kokowagay Cooperative in Sumatra.  Dark and sultry cherry, chocolate and smoke flavors are easily identifiable in this complex and well balanced cup.  This Sumatra is rewarding on its own, but is absolutely superb when blended with a smooth Central American like Cafe Vida or a bright Mexican like the Cafe Femenino Chiapas.



Roast: Roast this premium bean just into 2nd crack to allow its natural flavors to bloom.  Increasing the airflow slightly or lowering the temp a bit after dry end (when the beans just start to turn cinnamon brown) will intensify the flavors.

About: KOKOWAGAYO is the first all-women’s cooperative in Sumatra. While women carry key roles in coffee production, they are traditionally excluded from economic decision-making. A group of bold women formed this all-women’s cooperative to give economic power to female coffee growers. KOKOWAGAYO strives to increase the role and capacity of women in coffee farm and financial management…MORE


Guatemala Nahuala “Cafe Femenino” – Fair Trade OrganicAs low as $6.59/lb

Taste: The perfectly balanced acidity of this fair trade organic bean brings out the natural sweetness and full body. Blending with a Brazil produces a spectacular espresso.


Roast: Great at all roast levels, but really shines at a darker roast.

About: Cooperative Nahualá is located in state of Sololá which is known for its beautiful Lake Atitlan. The members of the co-op are part of Guatemala’s indigenous Mayan population which still proudly uphold many of the traditional cornerstones of the culture such as their clothing and language. The coffee farmers in Pasac speak primarily Quiché (or K’iché) while some understand and speak…MORE

Mexican Chiapas “Cafe Femenino” – Fair Trade OrganicAs low as $6.49/lb

Taste: This bean boasts refreshing and light citrus and almond flavors.  With a medium mouthfeel, its great as an everyday single origin.  We also love to belnd this bean with something deeper, like a Kenya AA or Java Estate.



Roast: We like this Mexican on the lighter side, stopping just after 1st crack.

About: Cesmach’s farms are located in the buffer zone of the El Triunfo Biosphere National Reserve. Due to their location in a pristine cloud forest, each farmer abides by strict environmental controls including maintaining three layers of canopy of multiple native tree varietals.
Mexico faced a dramatic coffee rust outbreak starting in 2012, and Cesmach suffered losses of 40% of their total production with a decline in their cup quality at the time. They since made a significant investment in replanting coffee trees, planting primarily geisha…MORE

Peru “Cafe Femenino” – Fair Trade OrganicAs low as $6.69/lb

Taste: This Peru “Cafe Femenino” woman-produced bean is best described by one word – balanced.  Balanced in its flavor profile featuring sweet chocolate, nuttiness.  Balanced in its light acidity and medium mouthfeel.  Excellent when blended with something more robust (think Kenya, Guatemala, or Sumatra), but its unusual fullness makes it a very drinkable coffee on its own.  A terrific value!

Roast: A softer bean that shines in a medium (City Roast) profile.  Avoid 2nd crack if you can.

About: Women in remote and rural coffee communities face a host of challenges that keep them trapped in poverty. Many of these isolated women live in male- dominated societies and have very little financial control or decision-making power. In 2004, 464 women farmers in northern Peru decided to change this dynamic by separating their coffee production from the men’s. In that moment, for the first time…MORE


Nicaragua “Cafe Femenino” – Fair Trade OrganicAs low as $6.29/lb

Taste:  Chocolate and sweet toffee dominate this cup.  Rich, thick mouthfeel.  A great blender with beans with stronger and brighter acidity like our Ethiopian Guji Uraga.


Roast: Medium/Dark (Full City).  This bean takes a darker roast well if you’d like to try it as an espresso blend base.

About: This is a spotlight on one woman who is a member of the Café Femenino Nicaragua Program. This group has a large membership. 

Name: Onelia Castellón Hernández…MORE


We have 16 total organic and women owned offerings in stock. Click here to see them all! 

Check out our entire inventory at www.u-roast-em.com


April Monthly Specials


Nicaragua Cafetos de Segovia – Finca Jesus Mountain – RFA – Microlot  25% OffNow as low as $4.49/pound (Reg $5.99)

Taste: One of the “gentle classics” this full-bodied Nicaragua is a great base for dark roasted espresso blends, but has a bright acidity, smooth mouthfeel, and natural sweetness that make a great single origin cup for those who like their coffee black with no extra sugar or milk.

Roast: This bean takes a dark (French) roast, well into 2nd crack.

About: Jesus Mountain Coffee Company is the name of the operation behind Cerro de Jesus, or Jesus Mountain Farm, a large private farm that is about 700 hectares in size, with 300 hectares of coffee, planted with several different varieties including Caturra, Catuai, Catimor…MORE


Introducing Fresh Roasted Coffee from Headwaters Roasting!

Jane and Marty are proud to offer fresh micro-roasted coffee to the U-Roast-Em family!  Every Thursday Jane fires up our Headwaters Roasting Mill City 3 kg commercial roaster and fills the orders received that week.  

Always fresh roasted and shipped next day. Hell Roaring Creek Blend – Dark Roast$9.99/12 oz., (Reg. 11.99) 

We looked up the source of the Missouri River and found it originated at Hell Roaring Creek on a mountain near Bozeman, MT and we knew we had the perfect name for a dark roast.  The Missouri  is also called “Big Muddy”, so we blended Guatemala  with Brazil  to create a smooth-drinking and floral dark blend that also imparts rich and pleasant earthiness to the cup.  This dark roast is never bitter, but always provides a big mouthfeel.

Check out all of our fresh roast to order beans here! 


Starter Kit – The Beginner

$7.99 (Reg. 9.99) 

Includes 2 pounds of 100% Specialty Grade Arabica green coffee beans and everything you need to get started in your new hobby:


Check out our entire inventory at www.u-roast-em.com


Know someone who may enjoy a gift of fresh roasted coffee beans, or would like to start a new hobby? 

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