Happy New Beans!

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Happy New Year, and

Happy New Beans!


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New Bean Offerings:

A Rare ACES Offering – incredible cupping score of 90!

Costa Rica La Perla del Café Micromill – Finca La Casa – Golden Honey – SL-28 – ACES

As low as $9.79/pound

Taste: We feel honored to offer this incredible bean to our customers. Boasting a cupping score of 90, this bean produces a myriad of sugary sweet fruit flavors, balanced acidity, and a creamy smooth finish.

Roast: Take care to prolong the development stage from first crack to your desired roast by lowering the heat a bit and/or increasing air flow. You will be rewarded with natural sweetness at all roast levels through medium/dark (Full City). We do not recommend a dark roast – don’t cook away and lose all of this premium bean’s flavors.

About: “ACES” lots are small, exclusive, incredible offerings that empower coffee growers, showcase triumphant experiments and meticulous production, and revolutionize the coffee experience. More than just amazing coffee.

Carlos Barrantes’s family has owned and operated the Herbazu micromill since the early 2000s, and in the early 2010s, Don Carlos decided to go off and work independently, with a laser focus on the kinds of coffees he wants to produce. He and his wife, Diana, own five small farms and La Perla Del Cafe Micromill—”micro” being the key word here. Not only do the Barrantes only produce about 300 bags a year, their dedication to quality and incredibly high mean they focus on quality over quantity in all ways. They even work with the exact same group of pickers every year, a group of 45 indigenous people from Panama who travel to the farms for work every season, and with whom the Barrantes keep in touch, like family, the rest of the year. More…


We are pleased to announce the following new beans that we’ve sourced from the legendary producer Hacienda La Minita:

Costa Rica El Conquistador – Dota Tarrazu

As low as $6.79/pound

Taste: El Conquistador is well balanced with notes of lush tropical fruit and bittersweet chocolate, and has a smooth pronounced body.

Roast: This versatile bean accepts all roast levels.

About: We are thrilled to add this excellent bean sourced from our partners at Hacienda La Minita. El Conquistador is a trademarked Dota coffee. It has the classic piquant acidity and lively winey flavor expected of the region’s best coffees. More…

Ethiopia Sidamo – Suke Quto – Organic – RFA – Cupping Score 87!

As low as $7.59/pound

Taste: This Ethiopian bean produces a bright and flavorful but very delicate cup. Unlike some beans from this region, this bean exhibits naturally sweet and tropical flavors. A very pleasant everyday cup as a single origin.

Roast: Keep your roast on the light to medium side, as this denser bean loses its natural flavors and can become bitter at the darkest roasts.

About: After a bush fire, and out of a desire of forest conservation, Tesfaye started Suke Quto Farm which is Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified. He began to replenish the forest by distributing coffee and shade tree seedlings among the local community. Tesfaye accomplished his dream with Suke Quto Farm: developing environmentally friendly coffee, and sustaining the local community with a consistent income. The local smallholders harvest organic coffee and deliver it to Suke Quto Farm for processing. More…

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe – Reko

As low as $7.39/pound

Taste: A classic Yirgacheffe, our cup produced a spicy pallete and dark finish. A robust cup on its own, this bean is also a good blender addition to a Costa Rican or Guatemalan base. Add some Brazil and develop your own unique Espresso blend!

Roast: We roasted this bean at Medium (City Roast) , pulling just after 1st crack and were rewarded with a tart and flavorful cup. Roasting to just into 2nd crack added a nice dark finish, but no bitterness. Makes a great Espresso.

About: We consider Ethiopian coffees to be some of the best in the world. Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee: it is in the forests of the Kaffa region that Coffea Arabica grew wild. Coffee is “Bun” or “Buna” in Ethiopia, so Coffee Bean is quite possibly a poor anglicized interpretation of “Kaffa Bun.”

Smallholder farmers in Ethiopia grow many different heirloom varieties of native Arabica coffee beans, which also grow wild on forested land throughout the country. More…

Peru – Finca Churumpampa – Organic Microlot

As low as $6.69/pound

Taste: We selected this Organic Peru bean due to its full body and intense flavors of savory berry stone fruits and lingering finish.

Roast: Medium Dark is best, but don’t stray too far into 2nd crack with this soft bean.

About: Peru has it all – coast, mountains, and jungle. And coffee. Lots of it. Peru is the third largest producer of coffee in South America, after Brazil and Colombia. Coffee is grown between the Andes mountain range on the west and the Amazon River basin on the east. The three main growing regions are the north, the selva central (central jungle), and the southern highlands around Cusco. Because of this large geographical spread, coffee grows half the year, from April to October. More…


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Monthly Specials – 25% Off

Vietnam Lam Dong-Dung K’No

As low as $4.34/pound

Taste: A full, coating mouthfeel with great supporting acidity and a brown sugar flavor. We’ve been waiting for a high quality Arabica from Vietnam, and this is it! More…

Amaretto Flavoring

$7.49 – 4 oz bottle, (Regularly 9.99)

Also available in 8 and 16 oz bottles!

Taste: A smooth, enticing Amaretto liqueur flavor. Perfect for a chilly morning, or a relaxing evening.

Directions: Flavor your roasted coffee beans like a pro! After roasting and cooling coffee beans, add one tablespoon (or to taste) per pound of beans and mix well to coat. Let stand for 2 hours before grinding.





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