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  1. rodney stout says:

    How do you compare these two coffees (1) the Guatemala Huehuetenago women coffee producer program FTO and (2) the Guatemala Huehuetenango – Finca Villaure

    • Martin Russo says:

      Hi Rodney,

      Thanks for the question! Here are the cupping notes and our “Taste” and “Roast” notes for the two beans. I also added cupping notes for the other Guats we have in stock (for comparision). The Women’s Guat is currently out of stock, but I added the cupping notes just to give you the complete picture.

      In a nutshell, if you are after something that tastes naturally sweet, then the Finca Villaure is a good choice.

      Guatemala Huehuetenango Finca Villaure
      Cupping Notes: Tangerine, cherry, sweet dark chocolate and honey flavors; floral with a nutty finish.
      Cupping Score: 87
      Taste: This bean produces a big, rich and sweet taste that is complimented by tart acidity. It is great as a single origin as it offers floral notes along with nutty flavors and a full mouthfeel. Its also excellent as a blend with something light and smooth, like a Peru or Mexican bean. This bean from Finca Villaure – owned by Aurelio Villatoro – boasts a 87 cupping score.
      Roast: A very hard bean, you can roast this confidently from Medium (City) to Dark (French) and you won’t be disappointed.

      Guatemala HueHuetenango Women Coffee Producer Program (currently Out of Stock)
      Cupping Notes: Caramel, chocolate and apple flavors with an herbal aftertaste; sweet with tart citric acidity and a smooth mouthfeel.
      Cupping Score: 85
      Taste: Fruit-forward and complex, this bean generates a taste profile including chocolate, caramel, and apple flavors. The aftertaste is light and lingering.
      Roast: A hard bean, feel free to roast at all levels. They are all spectacular.

      Guatemala Atitlan: Currently 25% Off
      Cupping Notes: Blackberry, ripe cherry, chocolate and nutty flavors; winey with a syrupy body.
      Cupping Score 84

      Guatemala Atitlan Organic
      Cupping Notes: Berry, toffee, caramelized sugar and almond flavors; sweet and citric with a smooth mouthfeel.
      Cupping Score: 85

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