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U-Roast-Em provides the highest quality specialty grade 1 Arabica green coffee beans and fresh roast to order coffee at the lowest prices nationwide.

Guatemala Huehuetenango – Waykan – October Blowout Special – While Supplies Last – 10lb limit please – SOLD OUT!


Organic Costa Rica – Las Lajas Micromill – Honey


Costa Rica – Las Lajas Micromill – Finca Sabana Redonda – Pacamara – Yellow Honey

El Salvador – Carlos Lemus – Finca La Victoria – Pacamara – Natural

Rwanda – Lake Kivu – RFA

FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50 plus an additional 5% discount on orders over $200.

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Monthly Special - Green Coffee Beans

Guatemala Huehuetenango – Waykan – Green – October Blowout Special – SOLD OUT!

1 Lb (Limit 10 Lbs please) $4.99 / 5 Lbs (Limit 10 Lbs please) $24.95

Panama Boquete SHB Floreal – Green – Monthly Special – 20% Off

Sample (1/4 lb) (Sale $2.87) Reg. $3.59 / 1 Lb (Sale $6.63/lb) Reg. $8.29 / 5 Lbs (Sale $6.55/lb - $32.76) Reg. $40.95 / 25 Lbs (Sale $6.47/lb - $161.80) Reg. $202.25

Monthly Special - Roasted Coffee Beans

Colombia – Microlot – Land of Diversity Competiotion – Elpidio Arboleda Tabares – Medium Roast – Monthly Special – 20% Off

12 oz bag (Reg $42.72) Sale $34.18


  1. U-Roast-Em Admin says:

    G.S. says:

    I would love to give you feedback. I am very happy with my purchase. Great coffee, service, shipping, packaging and information about my order and prices as well.

  2. James H Cameron says:

    Good morning,

    I am the founder of U-Roast-em, came up with the name and concept and put it into action. What you have done with it is amazing and warms my heart. Keep up the good work and very best luck in all you do. I do have an idea if you are interested. I live in Costa Rica Full time now enjoying the weather.

    • Martin Russo says:

      Good Morning Jim and thanks for the kind words!

      We are honored and thrilled to continue your legacy and so glad you approve. We’ll contact you shortly about your idea. Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

      Marty and Jane

      PS By the way it’s about 38 and sunny up here in NW Wisconsin. You made the right move 🙂

  3. John W. says:

    Have ordered my coffee from U-Roast-Em for many years now … Great Price and Great Service …. Stay Safe , Healthy and definitely Stay in Business . G B

    • Martin Russo says:

      Hi John,

      Hey thanks for taking the time to comment. We love our customers, and this little business. We plan to be around for a long, long time. I know we’ll all get through this difficult period – we always have and we always will. Take care and stay healthy!

      Marty and Jane

  4. Bill says:

    Just thought I’d shoot you a link to a video I made on how to roast your beans.


    • Martin Russo says:


      This is great! Very straightforward and easy to understand even for a beginner roaster. I viewed a few of your other cooking videos – the beef brisket and guacamole videos are outstanding. I just bought an 18 quart charcoal smoker and will give that smoked brisket a try. I also really appreciate that you add sign interpretation to your videos – very thoughtful!

      Thanks for sharing your link, and thanks for the plug for U-Roast-Em!


  5. richard healy says:

    Do I really want a coffee that tastes like lemon, black tea, toffee and caramel (Guatemala Huehuetenango) or
    floral with caramel, lime, sugar cane juice, bergamot and green grape (Ethiopian Yrgacheffe)
    Please don’t fall into this trap. I defy any two people blind tasting to come up with these flavors.
    Your coffees are good. Stick to objective descriptors.
    P.S. I think the SCAA flavor wheel is very subjective.

    • Martin Russo says:

      Good Morning Richard,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I agree that some of the cupping notes are hard to sense, and are very subjective based on several factors; the palate of the taster, roast, etc. On the other hand, there are distinct differences in Specialty Grade beans, and we try to source our beans from small farmers who do try to tease out certain flavors through their growing process.

      Our cupping notes come right from the importers who have tasting staff trained in using the SCA flavor wheel and are “pros” (think Sommelier in the wine industry). Since these nuances may be too subtle for some, Jane and I also sample roast each offering and list our own impressions under the “Taste” section of each bean. Still subjective of course, but we try to relate in layman’s terms what we experience.

      I’m sure some of our customers feel exactly as you do, and others seem to like that we share all the details available to us, even the esoteric.

      Thanks again for your comments and for buying our beans. And thanks for taking the time to comment and share your thoughts – much appreciated.


  6. Pat Ashcraft says:

    I was just browsing the green coffee beans and decided to leave a comment. This company is awesome and very caring about their customers. The first time they called me at home to fix my packaging on my order, I knew their customers weren’t just another sale. I love this company and even got my sister in law hooked. And, it wouldn’t be a real review unless I commented that every green bean I’ve ever ordered has made a great cup of coffee. Thank you.

  7. Ellen says:

    I love my counter top roaster, thank you Marty and Jane for excellent customer service always. These green beans are the way to go!

  8. David Tappy says:

    Happy Anniversary! I am originally from Northern Wisconsin and am happy to see folks’ interest in specialized coffee.

    Been home roasting for 6 years. Recently I came across ….. by accident, a roast that I’d like to share with you given that you share roast profiles on your website. You may wish to give it a try. It is bold and smooth. We call it MichigammeR, Here is the formula. Please let me know how you feel about it and … if you like, you may offer it as part of your menu. Again….Thank you for all you do in green and roasted coffee!

    4 oz Sulewesi Toraja S
    4 oz Costa Rica La Gladiola Tarrazu
    4 oz Guatemala La Flor del Cote
    4 oz Ethiopia Duarte Bombe Sidama
    Total roast time: 18.31 minutes to just before 2C

    • U-Roast-Em Admin says:

      Thanks David for the kind words and for sharing your special blend! We love when people want to interact on our website. We hope more people will take the opportunity to use this as a forum of sorts.
      Happy Roasting!

  9. Jeremy Wright says:

    I just placed my fourth order and have had a GREAT experience each time so far. Quality beans and great customer service.

  10. John Latimer says:

    I just completed an interview with the Smithsonian about bird friendly coffee. Do you offer any such products?

    • U-Roast-Em Admin says:

      Hi John!

      That’s awesome! Congratulations on the interview.

      There are only about 1-5% of green coffee beans certified Bird-friendly (1%) and RFA (Rain Forest Alliance – 5%). Also Organic guarantees no pesticides are used, but does not insure the canopy protection. RFA guarantees canopy protection but not necessarily organic. Specialty grade beans (such as the beans we offer) most often are “Organic” but many farms cannot afford the certification – just like many farms in the USA.

      We have been trying to find more of these offerings. Currently we have 4 RFA Offerings – LaMinita, India, Rwanda and El Salvador.

      I would love to hear the interview if you wouldn’t mind sending a link when it’s available or chatting about what you know

      Thanks for the inquiry and keep us posted!


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