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PANAMA Boquete "Indian Baru", SHB,EP
1 LB
25 LBS
Boquete is a valley on the Eastern skirts of the Baru Volcano with a river running through the lower part of the valley. This river serves as a recollection point for many of the streams that run down from all the surrounding hills and mountains. Boquete is a valley with accessible roads spread radial wise through the hill and some of them interconnecting each other up in the mountains, has allowed the development of excellent coffee plantations which are most 45 minutes from the downtown are. The location, diversity of topography, the effect of the winds and of the rain creates different microclimates through the year, allowing the existence of different occurrence of climate factors in a quite enclosed and no so much big area. A subtly bright, well balanced cup. One of the nicest of the Centrals. Cups like a very nice Kona at a much better price! Grown at high altitudes around 5000', this bean is not one to pass up.

Hard bean roasts well to all shades of darkness and stands by itself in the medium roast range as well.


Cup:Sweet Lemon and Milk Chocolate with a hint of Cherry.


100% Arabica