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Fair Trade Organic Nicaragua "PRODECOOP"
1 LB
25 LBS

While many Central American countries where discovered as specialty coffee producers during the 1980’s, Nicaragua was still unknown in the industry. Political and economic difficulties the country faced during this period, such as the turbulent dictatorships, the Sandinistas revolutions, the civil war and the Communist Era, created a high degree of political instability and corruption which affected Nicaragua’s productive sector including the coffee industry. During the Sandinista government, tight control on prices forced farmers to sell at very low prices, which resulted in an inability to reinvest taking the coffee production quality to very low levels. This came to an end with the Sandinista government, during the 1990’s when free elections took place. Peace took over political and economical arena and new incentives arose for capital to flow into the coffee industry. New programs have been created and have pushed coffee producers into innovative techniques of production and processing, elevating the quality of their coffee and making Nicaragua an important player in the specialty coffee industry.

Cupping notes; Rich, syrupy body with notes of toffee, chocolate and subtle peach.

Region: Sabor De Segovia

Variety: Catura, Catuai

Very nice cup and good hard bean.

It is a Strictly High grown (SHG).

Fully washed and sun dried

100% Arabica