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FTO Colombian Excelso "Cafe Femenino"
1 LB
25 LBS
Founded in 1993, COSURCA, together with its exporting agency, EXPOCOSURCA maintains constant projects with partners such as the InterAmerican Foundation, Cup For Education, and Café Femenino with the intention of teaching and training coffee growing men, women, and youth about agriculture, the environment, gender equality and leadership. Focusing on small scale farmers and their families allows future generations to produce coffee efficiently and effectively, make a living, and improve the lives of hard working people in very remote areas.

COSURCA is also passionate about taking care of the environment and works with all of its producers to establish environmentally friendly processing practices, such as filtration systems that improve the heavily saturated “honey water” which results from the washed processing methods. Also, nearly 500 member’s farms are certified for organic production and 150 are in the process of a 3 year transition period to obtain their organic certificate, all of which requires more intensive farming practices but much healthier for the planet.

Cupping Notes: Sweet, chocolatey, dried fruit, stone fruit; balanced medium body and acidity

Aroma: Brown sugar, maple syrup, chocolate, nutty.

Cupping Score: 84.52

100% Organic

Coffee hold

100% Arabica