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KENYA AA "Uteuzi Jimbo" (County Select)
1 LB
25 LBS
A bright, extremely complex coffee that is truly vibrant. Winey with nice body. It is full of power and character. Like the Centrals, well balanced but with more ZIP.

Mr. Elgon - Coffees from this region tend to express almost more Ethiopia-like characteristics, with heavy grapefruit, florals, and a delicate tea-like quality.

Cupping Notes: Sweet, savory and citric with cocoa and grapefruit flavors.

Cupping Score: 87

Hard bean and will roast to any profile, I like a Vienna roast for this bean.


Kenya lies on the equator on the east coast of Africa. It is surrounded by Ethiopia on the north; the Indian Ocean and Somalia on the east; Uganda on the west and Tanzania on the south.

Introduced by Christian Missionaries in the very late 1800s, coffee has flourished in the almost ideal conditions found on the broad fertile slopes of Mt. Kenya and now accounts for 50% of its exports.

Kenya coffee has a slightly bluish color with relatively small round beans. For the most, it is a very fine coffee with high acidity and a very slight, almost fruity taste. The fertile volcanic soil and perfect climate of equatorial Africa contribute much to this very fine cup, but Kenya coffee’s greatest asset is its cooperation between the government and the private sector with the final goal of growing, processing and marketing the world’s best coffee.

At U-Roast-Em, we carry Kenya AA, which is a 17 and 18 screen coffee that is processed by the wet method and then meticulously cleaned and sorted to the point where it is probably, with the exception of Costa Rican, the finest processed coffee in the world. Almost all Kenya coffee is processed by the wet method. A slow tank fermentation of 2-4 days allows the beans to become very clean from mucilage residue before running them through the washing channels and onto racks for sun drying with regular rotation.

We invite you to try our Kenya AA. We are sure that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by its full body, fine acidity and almost winey aftertaste. This is one of the world’s finest and most unique coffees and one we are proud to make available to our customers!

100% Arabica